Recruiting players with in your school

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Recruiting players with in your school

Post by Coach M » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:24 pm


Would love to here what some of you have done to recruit players with in your school to come out for football. I am slowly seeing our numbers dropping and looking for some creative ideas to help with the boosting them back up.

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Re: Recruiting players with in your school

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I am in the same boat. I have gone to staff and asked them for help getting the young men out for football. They have sent me three boys in the last week. Sometimes it just takes another person to get them interested. I know this sounds simple but maybe it will help.

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Re: Recruiting players with in your school

Post by coachfez » Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:05 pm

We do a number of things to recruit our school.

1) We send a letter to every boy in our school district who will be entering grades 3-12 in the fall (We begin our youth league in the 3rd grade). We send coaches and players to all of our elementary schools and to our middle school to meet with students.

2) Probably our biggest recruitment tactic is our youth-league which we run on Saturday mornings. Nearly every varsity and jv player is involved in working with our youth.

3) We have created committment groups. Each coach has a list of current and potential players at the high school level. We maintain contact with those students throughout the school year.

4) We have a number of off-season meetings to bring together current players with students who are potentially interested in playing.

5) We "recruit the hallway." We introduce ourselves to every potential football player and invite them to attend workouts and open gyms.

6) We enlist the players to recruit their buddies. At the beginning of two-a-days, the players come up with a list, break into groups, and caravan to the houses of people they think should be playing.

7) We have created a leadership council that meets throughout the year.

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