Wing-T Belly Option

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Wing-T Belly Option

Post by bucksweep » Fri Oct 31, 2014 8:48 am

Coach D,

When you were at Delaware running the Wing-T what was your favorite blocking scheme for Belly Option out of the 100/900 formation. We have not run Belly option in a number of years. We are facing a traditional 44 with a 1 and 5 tech to the split side and a OLB off the ball about a yard outside the DE. The DE is a pretty good athletic player. I was thinking of loading the DE with the HB in the Diveback position with the OT reaching him as well.

I am curious what your favorite blocking schemes out of this look. We have not shown it and I am thinking the OLB will fold inside to help on the Belly Action.



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Re: Wing-T Belly Option

Post by TDdemeo » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:25 am


My favorite scheme with Tubby was to

OT- down block inside to nose (cheat split down)
OG - log DE
FB - fill on playside LB if he plugs
HB - seal playside LB if he scrapes if he plugs go to FS
QB - option $$

The way I did it everywhere else was from 1 back
OT - reach the DE & double with the Slot to seal the edge (Stud Block)
OG - combo with C Nose to Off LB
FB - block On LB inside or outside Stud Block
Slot - Stud with OT - DE to FS
QB - Pitch off $$

The Stud Option is one of the Double Options featured on some Play of the Days & on our new DVD Triple Gun virtual Playbook Vol. 2 ... ok-vol-ii/

Take Care
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