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Post by TDdemeo » Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:38 am

What a weekend of football. The BCS is in turmoil - the parity in college football is screaming for a simple playoff system. It's a better product than the NFL or College Hoops.

Broncos over the Jets - Tim Tebow's 95 yard drive is the stuff of legend. What is amazing is how the majority of the NFL talking heads resent him. He's unique & this is onacceptable unless you are a clown jumping into the stands or having a cell phone in the goal posts. Hats off to John Fox for making the best use of Tebow's talent.

Iowa St. upsets Okie St. - Wally Burnham put together another great defensive gameplan. This was a classic game of David vs Goliath & ISU pulled it off. The key for ISU was a +2 turnover margin. They did overcome giving up a non-offensive TD which is tough to do.

Michigan over Neb.- Denard Robinson was sensational & too much for The Pelini brothers defense. When allowed to be Denard Robinson - he's tough to stop.Michigan had a +2 turnover margin (meaningful stat) & The Huskers didn't manage the baseline 25 points (meaningful stat)

Arkansas trounces Miss. St. - MSU tried to play at The Hogs pace & lost the race. Though only behind 24-10 at half - the pace of the game was too fast for the Bulldogs to sustain. The Bulldogs never even got to their baseline 25 points.

Tenn overcomes Vandy - Vandy's youth showed in a very hostile environment. Both teams scored non offensive TDs but UT had a +2 turnover margin. Vandy also missed 2 short FGs that would have won them the game in regulation. An unnecessary clip on a big play that ended on the UT one yard line was also very costly. The "Dores left too many points on the field. If VU had made their short FGs they would have had their baseline 25 points & Ot would never have happened.

KSU over Texas - Bill Snyder knows how to win - it's that simple. Despite mustering only 121 yards total offense (meaningless stat) the Wildcats upset the Longhorns in Austin! But K State held The Horns to only 13 points (a very meaningful stat) & had a +2 turnover margin (a very meaningful stat).

USC over Oregon - USC overcame giving up a non offensive TD to win How? Oregon fumbled twice in the Red Zone giving away sure points. And The Ducks missed a 37 yard Fg at the end of the game that would have put the game in OT. Too many points left on the field spells LOSS.Chip Kelly made some great in game adjustments - going outside & attacking the perimeter was how they got back in the game.

Hats off to the Baylor Bears in upsetting the Sooners - what a great game.
Robert Griffin will be a GREAT NFL QB - but the Sooners helped - The Bears had a +3 turnover margin (a extremely meaningful stat) & Bob Stoops time out at the end of the game proved costly. But this game & all the games this weekend shows the parity in college football and that makes for one great college football weekend after another.

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