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Post by TDdemeo » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:25 pm

Tonight is the start of these weekend's games. There are some very interesting games & coaching matchups.

WVU vs USF - If Daniels doesn't play WVU shouldn't have much trouble with The Bulls. WVU MUST take a step in their special team play to take pressure off their "D".

Oregon vs UCLA - The Ducks will fly high against The Bruins. The Ducks have too much speed & they are just getting better. Oregon may be one of the top 4 in the nation.

Baylor vs Texas - a big game in terms of The Heisman Race. A big game by Robert Griffin III could garner him the prize. He has done more for the Bears than Richardson has done for "bama or Luck has done for Stanford.

LSU vs UGA - Les Myles has too many weapons for The Dawgs. Jefferson adds another dimension to the Bengals' "O" that will make them near impossible for UGA to overcome.

Wisconsin vs Mich. State - The Badgers have the edge in the rematch. This should really be a great game but I think the combo of their big "O" line & Russell Wilson & Monty Ball could be too much for the Spartans. I think UW is one of the nations elite.

Okla. vs Okla. St. - Another great matchup. OU had 2 stumbles but may be under-rated, OSU may be a bit over-rated. If both play at their best it will be the Sooners but if OU plays like they did vs Baylor they won't beat the Pokes. A very evenly matched game.

Enjoy the games they will really be fun to watch.
Take Care

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