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Post by TDdemeo » Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:09 pm

College Football's Championship Weekend was very interesting to say the least. Great performances & coaching lessons.

WVU over USF - poorly played game by all. Neither team played with much enthusiasm. USF snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Daniels fumbled with the game won & gave WVU the chance to win. WVU scored 17 non offensive points ( a blocked punt recovered on USF 7 -> FG).

OREGON over UCLA - The Ducks took care of business as expected. They gave up a non offensive TD but trumped it with a +2 TO margin. The UCLANs tried to go toe to toe - big error. Ducks rushed for 352 using their Sweep Read Play & variety of options. You can always get something watching a Chip Kelly team.

Baylor destroys Texas - Bears had a +5 - yes a +5 turnover margin as The Horns "O" imploded in the 2nd half. RG III sealed my vote for The Heisman.

Clemson over VPI - Tigers held the Hokies to 10 points. Clemson had a +3 turnover margin.

Okie St. demolishes Okla. - OSU held the Sooners to 10 points and had a +4 turnover margin. Any announcer that screams about yds. on 1st down - doesn't get the game. Yards on any down are important but nothing is as important as BALL SECURITY & POINTS! OU had two more 1st downs than OSU & got their asses kicked. They also threw for more yards.

LSU smothers UGA - The greatest coaching lesson of the weekend. LSU had no offense in the 1st half - they were held to less than 50 yds. total "O" & trailed early by 10 pts. But Les Myles didn't panic & start slinging the ball all over the field - they played THEIR game & won big in the 2nd half. They had only 30 yards passing 7 only 237 yards Tot. Off. but held UGA to 10 points & scored 2 non offensive TDs and had a +2 turnover margin. Those are THE MEANINGFUL STATS. ... ure=g-logo

Wisc. ekes by Mich.St. - the most entertaining & most evenly matched game of the weekend. Two great coaches & two great teams. The key to The b
Badgers' victory was the +2 turnover margin. These teams mixed the run & pass well & after playing each other twice - it's hard to say which one is better.

Also a shout out to Tim Tebow - the "experts" said sure he could win a low scoring game but not a shoot out but Tebow led the Broncs to a 35-32 win Sunday.
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