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Post by TDdemeo » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:10 am

Any bowl game is a good one if the teames take them seriously. Sometimes I think the "minor" bowls should be winner take all as far as the payout. Things might get serious after that.

Toledo nips Air Force - great bowl game. The Falcons outgained the Rockets (meaningless stat) but gave up two non-offensive TDs (meaningful stat) to lose by a point. Air Force went for the 2 pt. conversion on a P.A.T. fake that was botched. Troy calhoun had a lot of 2nd guessing but the call was good the execution was bad. A ggod pitch & the Falcons win. But a good call not executed properly is a bad call. A bad call executed well is a good call.

Texas stuffs Cal - Texas' had a +5 yes a +5 turnover margin (meaningful stat) to beat Cal. Neither team scored the baseline 25 points but Texas held Cal to 10 (less than 16 = meaningful stat ) Mack Brown should be concered about his offense. To score only 21 points when given 5 turnovers is cause for worry.

Florida St. overtakes N.D. -ND has mastered the art of taking points off the board. They are the most careless red zone team I have seen.Defensively FSU held the Irish to 14 points ( less than the 16 baseline D) despite giving up a non-offensive TD. FSU had a +2 turnover margin ( meaningful stat) but ND's pathetic show on "O" should be a concern for the future.

Baylor outscores Washington - In one of the most entertaining bowl games ever RGIII led the Bears to a 67 -56 win. RGIII showed everyone why he won The Heisman Trophy but also why he'll be a difference maker in the NFL. It was a great offensive show for both teams - defense & turnovers were not a factor except a Washington fumble gave Baylor momentum in the 2nd half.

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