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Post by TDdemeo » Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:01 pm

More great lessons from the Bowl Games on Saturday.

Illinois beat UCLA 20-14 in The Headless Coach Bowl - Neither team scored the baseline 25 points but Illinois held UCLA below the 16 point mark (meaningful Stat) the Bruins scored only 14. Ill. also scored a non-offensive TD (meaningful stat) that proved to be the difference in the game.

Utah beats Ga. Tech in overtime 31-27 - If Tech could have scored their baseline 25 pts. in reg. - they win. Tech scored a non- offensive TD but their "D" couldn't hold a 2 TD lead in the 2nd half. Tech couldn't handle Utah's slanting 2 Techs. They also missed a couple of FGs that would have given them the "W" Playing press man on 4th & 14 led to Utah's last TD which sent the game into OT.

Auburn destroys UVA. 43-24 - Aub. had too much speed for the Cavs. Also the Cavs. tempo control was horrible. This game had to be a low possession game for UVA to be competitive. UVA didn't score the baseline 25 points and HAD @ PUNTS BLOCKED!!! - you won't beat anyone doing that. Auburn also had a +2 turnover margin (meaningful stat) blocked punts are also disastrous vs a good team.

Cincy nips Vandy 31-24. The difference in the game was Cincy's non-offensive TD. Vandy also struggled on "O" with UC keeping Zack Stacy from being a factor. Vandy did not score the baseline 25 points maily because of UC's D.Line.

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