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Post by TDdemeo » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:46 am

What a contrast in games - There wasn't much sweat about the Sugar Bowl & WVU beat up & beat down Clemson.

Michigan over Va. Tech in overtime. I really don't think either of these teams should have been in this game. Boise St would have been far more worthy. This is a classic game to show how meaningless some stats are. The Hkies out gainedc The Wolves 377 to 184 & out first downed them 22 to 12 & the time of possession was almost an 8 minute difference (All meaningless announcer stats). BUT they only scored ONE TD. If they could have scored the baseline 25 pts. they win. You must score TDs not FGs in the Red Zone. Michigan's O. Line looked slow & fat but they did enough to win.

WVU makes Clemson quit. WVU beat Clemson 70 -33! It could have been worse. The Mountaineers had a +3 turnover margin (meaningful stat) & scored a non- offensive TD (meaningful stat) which was a 14 point TD because the got the fumble on their own goalline. Hogorson's "O" was in high gear & Geno Smith's legs took away Clemson's pass rush. By half time the Tigers had quit. Holgorson used the Shovel Jet Sweep as his #1 run play & again took Clemson's front 4 out of the game. Jeff Casteel's "D" was smothering when it counted. Things look very bright for WVU in 2012.
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