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Post by TDdemeo » Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:29 am


The Following is my final Top Ten for 2011. I'd like your opinion.
1. "Bama - 21-0 beating of LSU won my vote. Saban is tough to beat twice.
2. LSU - offense just not good enough in round II vs. 'Bama. Still a great team.
3. Oregon - The Ducks could beat anyone on a given day. LSU beat them before the emergence of D'Anthony Thomas.
4. Okie St. - excellent "O" - suspect on "D" - would be #4 in a 4 team play off.
5. Boise St. - just a notch below the top 4 but a great program.
6. Stanford - Luck keeps them in the game with anyone. Not enough skill to beat the top 5.
7. Arkansas - prolific offense & explosive special teams makes them a top 10 team. Very impressive vs. K State in cotton Bowl.
8. Wisconsin - Russell Wilson gave the Badgers what they needed to be among the nation's elite. Could play against anyone.
9. South Carolina - The Ol' Ball Coach was Coach of the Year in my book. He adapted his pass 1st "O" into an option attack to fit his QB & the loss of Lattimore. Great D. Line dominated.
10. Houston - great year but would be over-matched vs. the rest of the top 10.

Honorable mention - tough to put WVU in there with 3 losses but looked spectacular in The Orange Bowl - will be there in 2012.

Player of the Year - RGIII - will be a great Pro QB (better than Newton) was clearly the key to Baylor's emergence.

These are my opinions but I'd love to hear yours.
Take Care

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