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Post by TDdemeo » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:34 am

No coach has EVER had a bad signing day. Every recruit looks like an All American. But here are some schools that really suprised.
1. Rutgers held it together despite Chiano's move to 1 Buc - kudos to Kyle Flood - Darius Hamilton is a difference maker.
2. Butch Jones brought in a stellar class at Cincy - despite losing Norfleet to the big house at the last minute.
3. James Franklin had Vandy finishing in everybody's top 25!!! - The last time that happened the Dead Sea only had the flu. Kimbro gives The 'Dores breakaway speed.
4. The Fighting Irish helped themselves on their way back.
5. Jimbo Fisher realy had a Bowden type of year at FSU.
6. Georgia picked up some quality recruits. The Dawgs will be tough next year.
7. WVU did well in Holgerson's 1st year picking up a great WR (benefit from the offense) & parlayed their Bowl massacre of Clemson into a big year in Fla.
The usual suspects all did well. "Bama is only going to get better. Texas built up their talent pool as did the Sooners. This is to be expected, they always do well. USC also did a great job on the West Coast.
Mizzou got a Super WR that will help their journey in the SEC

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